BTiP 2022, nr 1 – Artykuł 8

Operation “Sluice”. The So-called Migration Crisis at the Polish-Belarussian Border: an Example of Hybrid Actions Taken in the Second Half of 2021 as Documented in the Reports of the Polish Border Guard

Grzegorz Baziur | Małopolska Uczelnia Państwowa im. rotmistrza Witolda Pileckiego w Oświęcimiu; Polskie Towarzystwo Geopolityczne Oddział w Oświęcimiu, Poland
ORCID 0000-0001-6652-8981

„Bezpieczeństwo. Teoria i Praktyka”, 1/2022, s. 133-150
DOI 10.48269/2451-0718-btip-2022-1-008
PDF: English

Abstract: This article is a cognitive-analytical text that looks at the so-called “migration crisis”, which turned out to be an attempt to destabilise the situation on the border between Belarus and Poland, Lithuania and Latvia in 2021. Following the introduction, which outlines the main goals and theses of the article, the author looks at the origins of the operation by the name of “sluice”, and the nature of the “migration crisis” on the Polish-Belarusian border in the period from August to December 2021. On the basis of the information available, retrieved mainly from the official website of the Border Guard, the author has attempted to describe the operation of the Belarusian authorities and border services in the process of bringing migrants to Belarus, and then “transferring” them over to Poland and other countries of the European Union. The text ends with a summary of the issues raised, and an attempt to outline the prospects of bringing the crisis to an end.
Key words: migration crisis, Poland, Belarus, Russia, disinformation